What is ‘Live Local’?

Live Local is an approved State of Florida legislation enacted to provide more residential housing opportunities. 

Why was ‘Live Local’ created?

Due to the substantial population increase in Florida since 2019, rental rates in the rental housing market have increased considerably. In many cases, surpassing employment salaries related to inflation. This has caused monthly rental prices for a lot of communities to become out of reach for renters who could have easily afforded them prior to this inflation. The ‘Live Local’ Act helps by allowing for more reasonable housing opportunities for households that have extremely healthy incomes to be able to live locally within their desired area. 

How does ‘Live Local’ work at Aspire?

All applicants must go through our standard application process meeting the minimum criteria for an approved application. For ‘Live Local,’ all approved applicants must also fall under the maximum ‘not to exceed’ per applicant annual household salary thresholds shown below.

  • 1 applicant household: $74,400 
  • 2 applicant household: $84,960 
  • 3 applicant household: $95,640 
  • 4 applicant household: $106,200 
  • 5 applicant household: $114,720 
  • 6 applicant household: $123,240 
  • 7 applicant household: $131,760 
  • 8 applicant household: $140,280

How to apply for ‘Live Local’?

Aspire is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider and seeks to process all applicants in a fair and consistent manner. Please contact our office to speak to our expert leasing team for additional details and availability for our ‘Live Local’ program.